Dheeraj Singh Jodha 2 months ago
Back-end development
I'm aiming to build a mobile app that can run on Android+iOS devices, and let's just say it's going to be liked by the fans of "The Office" series (fingers crossed).

  • Task 1: Finalize Idea + Draw prototype (CHECK)
  • Task 2: Make a demo Flutter App that successfully displays the data fetched from any API (CHECK)
  • Task 3: Search for the data source (CHECK)
  • Task 4: Find out if there's any API available already, which offers a similar response as to what I have in my mind. Result: Nope, there isn't any yayyy (CHECK)
  • Task 5: Learn Java Spring Boot basics and build a demo API first (CHECK)
  • Task 6: Feed data to your database using CSV files and reflect the result via your own API endpoints (CHECK)
  • Task 7: Make API from scratch, but this time it should be designed as per my project idea (NOT YET)
  • Task 8: Publish my API (NOT YET)
  • Task 9: Use this API and create screens in the Flutter app as decided in Task 1, and ensure they all fetch data from my API perfectly. (NOT YET)
  • Task 10: Make this Flutter App more and more user friendly (NOT YET)

Mayank *Business* 2 months ago
Looks good, all the best to you.