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  • Stefanni 2 months ago
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    Read MicroSaaS Guide
  • Stefanni 2 months ago
    I started applying the techniques from this post for my 7-day plant-based diet challenge email course copy writing. It's been interesting exploring more about the problems my audience have and what are the solutions they use for them. It's a WIP and I am getting better at it.
  • Stefanni 2 months ago
    I started studying this microSaaS guide to use for my 12xstartups. I have a vision of what I want to achieve and I am trying to do my best right now with minimizing risks. Not avoiding them, but I do want to do this market demand/validation step really carefully.
  • Stefanni 3 months ago
    I learned a lot about SEO for blogging today (Blogging for devs workshop). It gave me some nice ideas: I am gonna edit the posts I published at the hexdevs blog from a SEO perspective, let's see how it goes :)